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How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Kitchen

Ant infestations are a common thing in Brisbane. The hot and humid climate in this part of Australia provides perfect breeding grounds for the tiny critters. For your information, they are very destructive when they invade a home. They damage...
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Can You Get Rid Of Termites Naturally?

Termites are without a doubt some of the most destructive pests, especially when it comes to wood structures and furniture. They are some of the few pests that can cause your home damages that would cost you thousands of dollars...
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Flowers to Plant in Your Garden to Attract Native Bees

Did you know that you can contribute to supporting the survival and increment of native bee population by planting bee-friendly plants in your garden? Well, this has been proven by entomologists. There are a number of plant’s flowers in Australia...
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5 Effective Ways to Keep Snakes Away

Snakes are a crucial part of the ecosystem. They control the population of several pests such as cockroaches, mice, lizards and rats.  Depending on the season, you’ll find snakes coming into our homes in search of food and better places...
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Genius DIY Ways To Get Rid Wasps

Have wasps been giving you trouble? Well, the only way to deal with such pests is to declare war on them. But don’t be mistaken, wasps will always fight back, and you may not be able to withstand their wrath....
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Common Types of Ants In South-East Queensland

When it comes to the ants, Australia probably has the largest number species of these insects. Entomologists and other experts put the number of species at 1,300. But most of the ants are hard to find, and only a few...
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Learn About Australian’s Native Bees Species

The Australian continent boasts of an ecosystem that supports a vast range of flora and fauna. In this guide, we're going to look into one of the most crucial insects, the bee. How much do you know about Australian bees?...
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Genius Home Remedies for Spider Control

Some spiders are completely harmless and help in keeping flies away from the house, but most don’t want these eight legged creatures hanging around their house. These creatures will not only make you uncomfortable but also leave lots of dead insects...
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Smart Tips To Control Pigeons

Pigeons are one of the most annoying and destructive pest birds. They make their homes in the roof creating serious problems for households. Their dropping contain acid which can leave the roof in very bad shape. Their nests can lead...
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Asian Honey Bee Eradication Journey

The bee was first discovered in Cairns, Queensland, in May 2007. They do not appear to be more hostile than any other species although they will sting if challenged. Experts have cautioned that the Asian honey bee is capable of...
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6 Common Bird Problems To Look Out For

Most birds are potential pests because they destroy crops, or are simply a nuisance to homeowners. Some of the pest birds such as parrots, finches, pigeons, sparrows, chimney swifts and more are among the most annoying and destructive. In fact,...
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Smart Tips On How To Get Rid Of Possums

Possums are small animals the size of an adult cat. They are non-aggressive animals but can create unhygienic conditions for home owners. These animals feel more comfortable in dark places which include under your house or your attic. They don’t...
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Top Biosecurity Outbreaks in Australia

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of exotic pests in Australia, and this has impacted on the horticulture sector negatively. Some of the latest biosecurity outbreaks have had devastating effects on the industry. But which...
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States Commits To A 10 Year Fire Ant Eradication Plan

Since they were discovered at the Port of Brisbane in 2001, red imported fire ants (RIFA) have been a problem, particularly in South-east Queensland. What has been worrying about these ants is their impact on the agricultural sector affecting the...
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Native Animals Spreading Scrub Typhus Mite

The spread of scrub typhus mite by native animals has left most Australians concerned. The bug is known for transmitting deadly infection, and those who regularly come in contact with native animals are worried. According to experts, this insect is...
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Termite Damage – The Warning Signs

Termites are a big business because they can do some serious harm to our homes and because they are very common. Surveys show that up to a third of all homes are dealing with termite problems as you read this....
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Controlling Household Pests Naturally

Pest infestation always becomes a burdensome task. Stubborn pests will multiply as they eat masses of your food as you think of ways to drive away these flying and/or creeping insects inside your house using pest control equipment and synthetic...
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Bee Movie

Written by Jerry Seinfeld and directed by Steve Hickner and Simon J. Smith, Bee Movie follows the life of a bee (Barry B. Benson), a recent college graduate who wants to explore more in life than making honey at Honex....
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Snakes on a Plane

The plot of the movie Snakes on a Plane encompasses a murder witness being protected by FBI agent Samuel L Jackson. Mobsters who want the witness dead, smuggles snakes onto the plane they are traveling on as to prevent the...
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How to Deter Possums from Living in Your Roof

Although cuddly and cute, possums can be a real headache when they invade your house. They can be a real hassle especially around cities with lots of greenery such as Brisbane, The Gold Coast and The Sunshine Coast. Possums are...
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Beware! These Australian Creatures Bite!

We recently came across this great infographic about Australian wildlife and the number of deaths they cause each year. So many people (especially people who aren’t from Australia) are unjustifiably scared of spiders, snakes and sharks. Are they really killing...
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Redback Spider numbers are on the Rise

While it's no secret that spiders love Spring weather, Queensland has experienced a sharp rise in the number of redback spiders this year. In fact, the number of redback spiders this year is the higher than any of the previous...
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Chapel Hill Snake eats 4.5kg Possum

A snake catcher was recently required to catch and relocate a 1.7 metre carpet python from Chapel Hill, after it made a meal out of a reasonably sized 4.5kg brush tail possum. Snake removal expert Bryan was called out to...
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DIY Tips for Keeping Your Home Cockroach Free

Nobody likes having cockroaches in their home. There's just something about these ugly critters that incites feelings of fear and disgust in people. While cockroaches can't physically hurt you like spiders or snakes, and they aren't as likely to spread...
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