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If you’re looking for bird removal or prevention to keep birds away from your home or
business, we know what to do. When it comes to a structure that needs to keep birds
away, we’re the people you can trust to handle them. We’re the experts and with our
understanding of pigeons and other birds found throughout Australia, we’ll not only rid
your area of the birds, but also provide you with the insight you need for bird proofing
your home or business.

Hazards of Bird Infestations

Anyone curious about how to deter birds, likely knows that certain bird species can
carry many diseases and cause damage to property due to the corrosive nature of their
droppings. Though the birds themselves appear healthy, they can spread diseases
through their fecal matter. Nitrogen concentrations are found when the droppings build
up and fungus will grow without hesitation. This fungus has the potential to produce
spores people can inhale. The result of this can be histoplasmosis, a detrimental lung
disease so it is best to avoid these droppings at all cost as the fecal matter builds up
over time and human health can be impacted in the area the birds are inhabiting.
Fecal matter and debris from nest building also encourages other pests into the area i.e.
cockroaches, parasitic mites, rats, snakes and ticks into the area. They also carry their
own potentially life threatening diseases.

Feral Pigeons

Feral pigeons are found all across this beautiful country and with the pigeon population
increasing so quickly, it’s no wonder we’re getting so many phone calls looking for
pigeon pest control. Pigeons are usually a bluish grey color but these pest birds are
known to have several other colors adorning their feathers.
With these birds being capable of laying up to 4 clutches annually, there is not a specific
breeding season. The chicks will hatch, 19 days later and the babies will be under
parent supervision for the entire time they are unable to fend for themselves. Once
they’re older, they’ll leave the nest and begin families of their own.
Due to how rapidly these birds are capable of breeding and exploding their population,
pigeon control becomes something that is needed. You’ll find we’re a trusted
commercial bird control company that can take on your pigeon problems at a moments

Native Birds

Australia has an abundance of native birds, but as more areas are being urbanised their
natural habitat is being taken over. This means, people and birds are now having to
share the areas they live in, which doesn’t always work out for the best.

The Australian Magpie

These birds are black and white, with a lot of attitude. Magpies are territorial birds, and
have been known to swoop if you come too close to their nests during breeding season.
Being opportunists at heart, if they find an easy source of food they will return over and
over again. They have been known to knock on doors demanding a feed from their
human friends!

Crows and Ravens

Nearly identical, these beautiful black birds are hard to tell apart unless you get up close and
personal. Often seen scavenging through bins in schools and parks or swooping up carrion on
highways, the mess left behind by these Australian Natives can attract other pests like snakes,
mice and cockroaches.

Grey Butcherbirds

Extremely aggressive during breeding season, these meat loving birds have one thought on
their mind. Protect the nest!! If you venture too close, they have been known to swoop and go
for your face, drawing blood!

Masked Lapwings

Usually a shy bird, breeding season turns these birds into protective parents! With their nests
often found in open, grassy areas and school grounds, they either swoop and chase people or
pretend to have a broken wing to lure potential threats away.

Australian Brush-Turkeys

A common sight in suburban areas, brush-turkeys rake through leaves on the ground feeding on
insects, seeds and fallen fruits. If they decide your backyard is a good place to nest during
breeding season they can destroy your yard within a day as they build their mounds. They are
a protected species, and if they have laid eggs they cannot be removed from your yard until all
the eggs have hatched. The sooner you contact us the better!

Introduced Species

Many of the introduced species were transported to Australia by early European settlers
for sport, as pets or to help controlling pests. Some of these birds have become major
pests, as they compete with native species for breeding areas and resources. An
example of some of these birds are:

  • Common Blackbird
  • Common or Indian Myna
  • Common Starling
  • House Sparrow
  • Laughing Dove
  • Rock Dove aka Feral Pigeon
  • Spotted Dove

Information On Removing Birds

When it comes to preventing a bird infestation, it is important to find someone who is
experienced in dealing with problem birds. We understand there is some difficulty
associated with moving these birds on. The fact of the matter is having a simple
understanding of how to get rid of birds, does not mean you can remove them yourself –
there’s more to it than that.

Anyone who has ever dealt with bird nest removal will tell you there is some difficulty
when it comes to keeping birds away permanently. With bird nest removal, it’s important
to know what you can and cannot do to effectively avoid needing a bird nest removal
service. There are laws in place to prohibit the removal of nests of protected species,
whilst they are building the nest or have chicks in the nest. Once the chicks have left
the nest, it is safe to knock the nest down.

Feeding Programs

If you’re familiar with feeding programs, you will know how effective they can be. The
birds are pre-fed for a week or two. Once they are freely feeding on the normal grain, a
chemically treated grain is introduced. The chemical renders the birds unconscious and
they are removed from the site.

Bird Trapping

As most people know, pigeons and other birds are rather intelligent, making them
increasingly difficult to trap. It is not impossible to trap them, but it is a labour intensive
task. Feeding stations are set up in the appropriate areas i.e. out of the weather as if the
grain gets wet, the birds won’t eat.

Once the birds are freely feeding, the stations are set up in the traps and the trapping
begins. The cages are placed in shaded areas and plenty of food and water is installed
the trap. The traps are cleared twice a week.

Bird Prevention: Understanding How To Keep Birds Away

Bird Spikes

Even though bird spikes sound as if they could injured the birds – they don’t. These are
perfect for preventing the birds from roosting on the roof of your home or commercial
premises. You simply glue them onto the affected areas or anywhere else you don’t
want the birds to roost. The birds will typically change locations.

Bird Netting

When you have bird netting installed, you’re making sure the birds are incapable of
invading your domain and you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor area again. This method
is relatively easy to do and rather inexpensive, making it a great option when attempting
to handle bird problems.

Do It Yourself Bird Nest Removal

Bird nest removal is definitely something most people are capable of doing. With this in
mind, there are dangers still associated with this task, making our bird nest removal
service one of our most popular.

Bird removal or bird nest removal costs are not so high that it’s unaffordable. It is really
all about safety. When providing this service, there is a chance the birds will become
protective of their territory and attack. This being said, we try to make the relocation
easy on the homeowners and the birds.

Our company is consistently working hard to ensure bird nest removal from roof spaces,
balconies, attics and the like, is the least intrusive possible. We’re capable of assisting
you to remove your pest birds and keeping them away If you choose to remove the
nests yourself, identify the birds and make sure the birds are not a protected species as
you can attract huge fines.

Bird Nest Removal Cost Can Rise

Bird nest removal cost can be small in comparison to removing a nest belonging to a
protected or endangered species. Destroying an active bird nest of a protective
species, could result in federal prosecution. If it’s a migratory bird, this attracts a hefty
fine. Therefore when you are conducting your own bird nest removal, make sure your
correctly identifying the species of bird before removal of the nest etc. Geese and
swallows fall into this category, as do robins and wrens. Proceed with caution if you
decide to remove the nests yourself. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office should
you require our expertise.

If you don’t know the type of bird you are dealing with or the potential health and safety
hazards associated with the removal of the nests, we suggest you call our office for
some friendly advice!

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