Bird Removal

Bird control does not always mean the birds have to be killed. While there are some people who believe handling bird problems means going beyond simple bird pest removal, we try to educate those anti bird people and save the lives of countless pigeons in the process. We’re firm in the belief that we should take all of the necessary pigeon prevention steps we can prior to exterminating them. With this in mind, if you’re having a bird problem in Brisbane, know we’re here to help.

If you’re looking for some bird removal tips to keep them away from house structures, we know what to do. When it comes to a structure that needs to keep birds away, we’re the people you can trust to handle them. We’re the experts and with our understanding of pigeons and other pest birds found throughout Australia, we’ll not only rid your area of the birds, but also provide you with the insight you need for bird proofing your home or business.

Pigeon Info

These birds can grow as long as 12 inches and reach around 2 kilograms in weight. Pigeons are usually a bluish grey color but these pest birds are known to have several other colors adorning their feathers. The males are actually even more beautiful as they use their colors to attract females. Pigeons are relatively unique in the way they mate because when they find their partner, they become mates for life. With this in mind, these birds will both play roles in the lives of their babies, including but not limited to building the nests.

With these birds being capable of laying a single clutch annually, there is not a specific season that they’ll breed. Upon laying the eggs, 19 days later, they’re hatch and the baby birds will be under parent supervision for the entire time they are unable to fend for themselves. Once they’re older, they’ll leave the nest and begin families of their own.

Due to how rapid these birds are capable of breeding and exploding their population in a region, pigeon control becomes something that is needed. As time passes, pigeon removal through a commercial bird control company or one of the other pigeon removal services will become needed. With us, you’ll find that we’re a trusted commercial bird control company that can take on your pigeon problems at a moments notice without hurting the birds.

Pigeon Pests

Feral pigeons are found all across this beautiful country and with these pigeon problems persisting, it’s no wonder that we’re getting so many phone calls looking for pigeon pest control. They’re super easy to spot and becoming more and more common as they continue breeding. The birds are medium-sized and dark grey in color with some lighter grey wings. Their feathers also have a bit of purple and green in them that they use to attract mates. The beak of these birds is black and their eyes stands out as they are a bright orange color. Their legs and feet are more of a reddish purple color.

We’re seeing these ravenous pest birds perching atop countless man-made structure throughout the region. Some of these structures can include buildings, pipes, gutters, and bridges. We’ve also seen a lot of pigeons grouped in open areas and on top of statues. These birds are known to eat various types of foods too. This includes buds, random food scraps, seeds, vegetables, and bread. Pigeon removal is a serious chore and if you’ve had to live with a pigeon problem, you know just how much of a mess they can make!

Behavior of Pigeons

Knowing about the way pigeons behaves really helps when it comes to pigeon control. We understand where they’ll hang out, allowing us to know precisely how we should go about catching them. These birds make a total mess of the areas people live in as they perch atop building architecture. Their feces fall on top of signs, beams, sills, and various other manmade structures. They are even capable of dining their way into ductwork, attics, and AC units in people’s homes and businesses. Bird removal is needed when there is a pigeon nuisance on the loose and with us being the pigeon pest control professionals, we’ll handle your bird problems without having to exterminate them if possible.

Messy Pigeons Are What Nightmares Are Made Of

If you’ve ever seen a bench covered in bird poop, then you know just how big of a mess pigeons can make if they aren’t handled by pigeon removal services that know how to handle bird pest removal. A pigeon nuisance can really get nasty if it is not handled. If the person handling your pigeon removal does not understand the birds, it’s likely they’ll come back and make a mess yet again as well. You’ll notice that when these birds are in your area, nesting material and feathers are found everywhere. With this kind of mess comes an increase in the risk for fleas and mites as well.

Pigeon droppings are all too common and although the mess is bad, the fact that these birds can ruin a sanitary area is what poses a major threat to humans. With the truth of the matter being that a pigeon infestation can result in potentially health harming illnesses, it’s easy to see the need to get rid of these bird pests. This is why so many people opt for pigeon nest removal. When trying to cope with bird problems at this extreme level, if you don’t know how to keep pigeons away, your health is ultimately going to suffer.

Diseases Associated With Pigeons & Other Pest Birds

Anyone curious about how to keep pigeons away likely knows that they can bring diseases with them wherever they go. While the birds themselves are likely not carrying diseases, their fecal matter tends to build up and fester, allowing for other illness-causing problems to persist. This is also true for various other pest birds. Pigeon control is a necessity because it is not safe for human health to allow this pest control over your life.

Within pigeon droppings, we find nitrogen concentrations that make it so when the droppings build up, fungus will grow without hesitation. This fungus has the potential to produce spores that people can inhale. The result of this can be histoplasmosis, a detrimental lung disease that is best to avoid at all costs. As this fecal matter builds up over time, human health can be impacted in the area the pigeon infestation is happening in. This is especially true for instances in which pigeons or other birds are living in a person’s attic or air conditioning ducts.

Information On How To Get Rid Of Birds

When it comes to preventing a pigeon plague, it is important to find someone who knows how to keep pigeons away. That being said, we understand that there is some difficulty that is associated with getting rid of these birds. The fact of the matter is that having a simple understanding of how to get rid of birds does not mean you can remove them yourself; there’s more to it than that.

Anyone who has ever dealt with pigeon nest removal will tell you that there is some difficulty when it comes to keeping pigeons away permanently. With bird nest removal being such a delicate operation, it’s important to know what you can and cannot do to effectively avoid needing a bird nest removal service. There are some laws in place that prohibit removing some nests and if the nests are inhabited, you could be labeled as anti bird for destroying their home and the bird nest removal cost could rise exponentially if you’re fined for your actions!

As a company that loves all animals, we’re obviously not anti bird and work hard to avoid having to hurt them. That being known, if you have a pigeon nuisance or some other bird problems, please know that we’re going to put forth a humane effort before even thinking about extermination. Our philosophy on the matter is that if we don’t need to hurt the birds, we’re not going to.

Bird Baiting

If you’re familiar with bird baiting, you likely know how effective it can be. With this strategy, we feed the birds throughout a two-week period of time. This is something we do consistently and as the time passes, we gain the birds’ trust. On the last day of the feeding strategy, we provide them with an immobilizing agent that will calm the birds down and allow us to take them out of the area without hurting them. This is one of our favorite bird handling strategies and it works very well.

Bird Trapping

As most people know, pigeons and other birds are rather intelligent, making them increasingly difficult to trap. This being known, it is not impossible to trap them, but it is a tedious task. Bird trapping can be done in a controlled environment that does not have any outside activities impacting their lives. We target areas to place down some bird seed and over time, we put pieces of the cage in the area. This allows the birds to become comfortable with the cage being there. Once the cage is built, we put some food in it and once the birds go inside, they’re unable to get out. Then we come to take the birds and relocate them without hurting them.

Bird Extermination

Bird extermination is a last resort for us because when you know how to get rid of birds without hurting them, that’s the best way to go about it. We suggest working on pigeon prevention prior to even having a problem but if you do have a pigeon problem, we’re the dependable bird control service that can help. Humane bird or pigeon removal means getting rid of pest birds without having to kill them and this is something that we take pride in doing. With this in mind, preventing the unwelcome guests is definitely something we recommend doing and here are some ways to go about that.

Bird Prevention: Understanding How To Keep Birds Away

Bird Spikes

Even though bird spikes sound like they’re going to hurt the birds, they don’t. These are perfect for getting pest birds to stop roosting on your house or business. You simply install them along pipes, framework, walls, and anywhere else you don’t want the birds to roost. In turn, the birds will typically change locations, allowing you the anti bird fortress you’ve been hoping for.

Bird Netting

When you have bird netting installed, you’re making sure the birds are incapable of coming into your domain. With this in mind, you’ll be able to obtain the anti-bird area you’re in need of. This is relatively easy to do and rather inexpensive, making it a great option when attempting to handle bird problems.

Bird Wire & Coils

If you’re thinking about utilizing bird wire and coils to handle your bird problems, you’ll be able to get birds to cease roosting on the wider ledges of your home. You can even use an electric current if you want to make it even less appealing to roost in that area. While this might sound mean, it will not exterminate them. Instead, you’ll provide an extra deterrent to keep them away.

Daddi Long Legs

While daddy long legs might sound harmful, they’re actually very human. If you’re having severe pigeon problems, these can really help to keep them away from your home or business without having to hurt them. These are long and thick stainless steel rods. They’re wavy as well. Bird spikes are perfect if you need to keep birds off of a flat surface, such as air conditioning units or lights. Daddi long legs actually get their names from the spiders, giving an idea of how they look and how they work to deter birds from roosting where they shouldn’t be.

Do It Yourself Bird Nest Removal

Bird nest removal is definitely something most people are capable of doing as it does not pose the same threats as removing the nests of dangerous insects. With this in mind, there are still dangers associated with this task, making our bird nest removal service something that is recommended.

Bird removal cost or bird nest removal cost isn’t so high that it’s unaffordable and it’s really all about safety. When providing this service, there is a chance that the birds will get angry and attack. With this being said, we try to make the relocation as easy on the homeowners we service as well as the birds we relocate.

As a bird control service that is consistently working hard to ensure bird nest removal from house spaces including but not limited to balconies, attics, and roofs, we assure that we’re capable of helping you get rid of birds now and keep birds away later on. Handling bird nest removal on your own is a possibility and if you decide to go that route, make sure to keep these tips in mind.

Bird Poop Brings Life-Threatening Diseases

Even though birds themselves don’t always carry diseases, bird problems can result in expensive health care bills, depleting the money you’re trying to save on the bird nest removal cost. The droppings of birds can produce diseases that can fester, resulting in serious life-threatening diseases. It’s also safe to say that the bird nests might have parasitic mites residing within them. If you are going to tackle this job yourself, make sure to wear gloves and clean following bird nest removal.

Bird Nest Removal Cost Can Rise

Keep in mind that the bird nest removal cost can be small in comparison to doing it yourself if you’re fined for doing something illegal. Destroying an active bird nest could result in federal prosecution. If it’s a migratory bird, this is especially dangerous for your wallet. So when you are conducting your own bird nest removal, make sure you’re not going to get in trouble. Geese and swallows fall into this category, as do robins and wrens. Proceed with caution if you take this on by yourself and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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