5 Pest Control Tips For Brisbane Homes

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      Are you having pest problems in your Brisbane home? Maybe you have a cockroach infestation, invading ant colony or a possum in your roof? In this blog, your local pest control experts at Pest Control North Brisbane are breaking down 5 of the best tips for preventing and controlling pests in your Brisbane home. Let’s get started!


      1) Remove Excess Food Scraps

      Leaving food scraps around the house is one of the sure-fire ways to attract pests. Pest enter homes for shelter, warmth, and food, with the latter being the most important of all. If your home has excess food lying around then you are providing a solid food source for those pesky pests. Try to make sure you don’t leave food scraps or crumbs around to keep your pest numbers low.


      2) Keep Your Home Clean

      Pests absolutely love messy homes. The mess provides lots of great places for pests to find cozy homes, which is why keeping your home clean is so important for pest prevention. Keep your home clean by picking up anything lying around on the floor like clothes and kid’s toys. This will help to prevent household pests from invading your Brisbane home.


      3) Check For Unsealed Gaps

      Does your home have a few little gaps under doorways, sliding doors or windows? What about holes in fly screens? These are the places pests use to get into your home. Once they get inside they are never going to want to leave. Check your home for little unsealed gaps around doors and windows and ensure any that you find are sealed tight. Doing so will help you to prevent pests from entering your home.


      4) Keep Your Yard Maintained

      Mowing the lawn can be a hassle, but it sure does prevent pests from entering your home! Pests love nesting in your backyard, particularly where there is long, unkept grass and clutter. Leaving your yard unmaintained is like rolling out the welcome mat for all of those pests you don’t want in your home, like cockroaches, ants, snakes and spiders. Mow and maintain your backyard regularly to avoid creating the perfect breeding ground for house invading pests.


      5) Clean Your Drains and Bins Regularly

      House pests like cockroaches love rotten food scraps, and one of the best sources for these is in your drains and your bins. Many of us wash our dishes in the sink, which can result in food becoming stuck in the drainage pipes. The same leftover rotting food can often be found at the bottom of bins. Both of these are massive magnets for cockroaches and ants. Try to clean your drains and bins as regularly as you can to keep the pests away.


      Need Professional Pest Control Help?

      Have you tried these 5 tips but still find your home invaded by pests? Do you need professional pest control help? These tips can work great but sometimes you do need the help of a professional who you can trust to get the job done right. That team is Pest Control North Brisbane. We are a subsidiary of one of Brisbane’s largest and most trusted pest control businesses, Pesky Possum Bird & Pest Control. We pride ourselves on delivering both outstanding customer service and pest control results. We are also fully CM3 Qualified in line with the Queensland Government’s OHS Contractor Management Practices Plan. This means we are certified to take on any level of pest control work. If you need professional pest control help call us today on 1300 442 978 or click here to contact our team through our contact page on our website.

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