Redback Spider numbers are on the Rise

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      Redback Spider Numbers Are Growing

      While it’s no secret that spiders love Spring weather, Queensland has experienced a sharp rise in the number of redback spiders this year. In fact, the number of redback spiders this year is the higher than any of the previous fifteen years. These spiders’ numbers have increased at a rate of 35 per cent compared with the same time last year. This rapid escalation has been caused by the early onset of the rainy season. Previous years’ numbers have been lower due to drought.

      Redback spiders enjoy a wet environment and thus the increased rainfall in Queensland is responsible for the explosion of these spiders. Despite the fact that no deaths have been caused by red back spiders since 1979, there has been an increase in the reported cases of bites recently. Similarly, the number of funnel-webs has been on the rise though they inhabit less urbanized areas and thus have less likelihood of coming into contact with humans.

      redback spider Pest Control North BrisbaneArachnologists believe that residents of Queensland should expect a rise in the number of red back spiders due to the prevailing rainy season. Red back spiders thrive in outdoor furniture, playgrounds, crevices, and toys. Due to this, children are the highest risk of falling victim to their bites. Parents should exercise caution when they let their children play outside during this time of the year.

      Seeking the help of a pest management company can help flush out the lethal spiders out of their habitat, near used, outdoor areas. This creates a safer playground for children to play in. It also gives parents peace of mind knowing that their children and pets are safer.

      Adults can also be victims of sickening redback bites as well, especially since these pest commonly like hiding in outdoor furniture. Pest controllers know exactly the sorts of areas these spiders like to hide in and know how to get them to move on to other areas away from you and your family.

      Those living in hinterland regions such as Mount Tambourine and Clagiraba down on the Gold Coast face the highest exposure to funnel-webs. This is because funnel-webs prefer forested regions whereas redbacks thrive in residential areas and less dense greenery.

      Bites from the redback spiders can have lethal effects on the victim if small enough. This is why the spiders are more dangerous to children. Adults will generally just get very sick for a number of days, but will not die from the spider’s toxin. The obvious and instant effect of a bite is pain on the wound. Victims of the bites will sweat profusely and suffer from nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

      Any person experiencing an unanticipated increase in sweating is a possible victim of a bite. Abdominal pain and nausea can be irritating and also increase stress on the victim. The harmful effects of these spiders are a cause for worry among the residents of Brisbane, and other areas of the state and country.

      Pest control providers have professional staffs that have the capability to deal with both redback spiders and funnel-webs. Seeking professional assistance from the pest exterminators can save one a great deal of pain and costs. The Queensland Museum operates an information and identification service dedicated to pest management. Residents or victims of the red back spiders living in Queensland should use the information and identification services provided by them to learn about how to identify spiders and protect themselves.

      Victims of bites from both redback spiders and funnel-webs should seek medical attention to minimize the adverse consequences of the poison. Young children and the elderly should seek urgent medical attention since they are the most likely to die from a bite.

      If you are bitten by a venomous spider in Brisbane, while waiting for an ambulance avoid the temptation of sucking the spider venom from the wound. Sucking the venom only worsens the situation as it increases the spread of the venom into other parts of the body. Instead of sucking the venom, apply pressure to the bitten area to reduce pain and bloodflow. Additionally, applying a cold pack on the wound can also help with pain and the reduction of blood flow.



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