Snakes and Spiders love Spring Weather

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      Snakes and Spiders In Winter

      It’s no secret that both snakes and spiders love the warmer weather, and thing are warming up beautifully here in Brisbane. Be on the lookout this spring for both of these creatures as the outside temperatures increase or you might get a nasty surprise if you stumble upon one of them unexpectedly. Although their haven’t been any deaths from spider bites since 1979, a bite from a highly poisonous spider can kill a baby or a small child, and can leave a full-grown adult extremely sick for up to a week. Snakes bite are still the cause of death for several Australians each year, and Queensland is almost always represented in these statistics, so be extremely careful if you encounter a snake and don’t know what breed it is or how venomous it may be.

      Channel 7 Sydney recently did a news story about the high number of snake bites that have occurred over the past 3 months in Sydney and New South Wales.

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      Five people in Sydney have had the displeasure of being bitten by snakes in the last three months.  Elsewhere in New South Wales, 22 other people have also been bitten. Because the weather is even warmer up here in Brisbane and the city is less urban and more suburban, we usually have even more problems with snake and spider bites each year.

      Across all of Australia each year around 3000 people have a close encounter, and get bitten, by a snake. The majority of these attacks happen in the spring and summer months. According to paramedics in Sydney and Brisbane these warmer month are the times when they get the most call outs for spider bites as well.

      Since the start of the financial year, around 60 people have been bitten by spiders, with 11 of these bites coming from the highly poisonous funnel web spider. New South Wales Paramedic Giles Buchanan advised on reducing your risk of spider bites: “Clothing that you may have left out overnight, gloves and boots etc., just be a bit cautious before putting them on. Make sure you give them a good shake.”

      The Newcastle Herald also recently ran a similar story to Channel 7, with a further warning from Paramedics and details of recent attacks in that area.

      If you see dangerous spiders or snakes around your home or office this spring, get in touch with the team at Pest Control North Brisbane either via the contact form on the homepage of our website or via the phone number at the top of this page. Don’t take any chances if you think you or you family might be in danger.


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