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      Some spiders are completely harmless and help in keeping flies away from the house, but most don’t want these eight legged creatures hanging around their house. These creatures will not only make you uncomfortable but also leave lots of dead insects and webs inside your house.

      How to Keep Spiders Away

      Getting rid of them can be difficult and expensive if you are not smart.  Did you know that there are effective home remedies that can help keep spiders away? Below are simple and effective natural ways to safely get rid of spiders.

      Australian Home Spiders Pest Control North Brisbane

      Keep Your Home Clean

      This is the most important way to repel these creatures naturally. Making sure that your entire home is tidy, clean and free from dust is the best way to keep spiders from coming inside your house. While cleaning, always destroy spider webs along with their egg sac.  Doing this regularly will not only keep spiders away, but also any other insects from making themselves at home.


      Garlic is cheap, readily available kitchen ingredient. It contains a strong smell and is known for its vampire-repelling properties, which spiders don’t like. You can mash it up and put in a spray bottle mixed with water, and spray the corners, floors or the entire house with it to get rid of such unwanted guests.

      Peppermint Oil

      This is another effective home remedy that drives these invertebrates away. Peppermint oil contains a strong smell which cannot be tolerated by spiders. This forces the spiders to run away from your house and never return. Add some oil in a spray bottle with water and spray on the areas where you suspect them to be. Repeat the process for few days for great results.

      Home Spider Remedies Pest Control North Brisbane

      White Vinegar

      White vinegar has numerous uses around the house and repelling spiders is one of them. It’s among the most effective natural repellent. Same as peppermint, it also contains a strong smell which can’t be tolerated by these creatures, driving them away in no time.  The acetic acid in vinegar can even burn and kill the spider. Put it in a spray bottle with water and sprinkle it in all places where spiders could be hiding and repeat it for a few days.

      Horse Chestnuts

      Chestnut shells contain a chemical which is toxic to spiders. For best results, split them in half or make holes to release its odour. Place them in the corners of your house, and anywhere you suspect the spider could be hiding.


      The use of tobacco might sound strange, but it’s one of the most successful ways to repel spiders. These creatures hate tobacco. Sprinkle a mixture of tobacco and water all around, or you can splash tiny pieces where spiders are hiding.

      Don’t Let Them In

      Another tip from Pest Control North Brisbane is to not allow the spiders in your house in the first place may be the simplest and most rewarding way to keep spiders at bay. Always ensure the outer perimeter of your house is free from grass clippings, leaves, woodpile or anything in which can be a spider’s hang out.  Check out doors and window openings to make sure there isn’t room for spiders to squeeze their way inside.


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