Common Types of Ants In South-East Queensland

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      South-East Queensland Ants

      When it comes to the ants, Australia probably has the largest number species of these insects. Entomologists and other experts put the number of species at 1,300. But most of the ants are hard to find, and only a few are commonly seen. In this PCNB guide, we’re presenting some of the common species of ants in South-East Queensland and probably Australia. They include:

      Argentine Ant

      These are some of the most common species of ants that you will find in most regions in SEQ and Australia. They are light to dark brown. These ants are very aggressive, and they are known for driving out other species of ants in the areas where they are established. They prefer sweet food such as fruits, but they will also eat dead and live insects.

      Australian Ants Pest Control North Brisbane

      Black House Ant

      These ants are shiny and black. An adult is 2.5mm to 3 mm long. These are some of the most annoying insects and are known for scavenging in kitchens, dog excrement and garbage. Their contact with dog excrement is the reason why they’re considered as a potential transmitter of diseases such as salmonella. If you want to control these insects once and for all, the best way is to find the colony and treat it.

      Bulldog Ant

      These ants tend to be red or black. They are a little bit longer and measures about 18-20mm in size. Their colony has only one queen ant that lays all the eggs, and just one or only a few males to mate with. They are very aggressive, and if their nest is disturbed, they will attack viciously. Don’t mess with them since they will attack and inflict a very painful sting to whoever disturbs them. They are mostly located in bushy areas, and their nests are usually set outdoors in soil or under logs.

      Types of Australian Ants Pest Control North Brisbane

      Coastal Brown Ant

      These ants’ colours range from yellow brown to brown. They are not that big in size, roughly measuring 1.5-2.5mm long. The adults exist in three different castes: workers are wingless and sterile and live up to a year, winged males that mate with females and winged reproductive queen. They are best known for their huge appetite for meat, greasy foods, fruit and sweets. Coastal brown ants prefer dry areas for nesting.

      Garden Ants

      The ants are dark brown-black in colour. They are a little bit bigger than coastal brown ants since the workers are 4-5mm in size, while the queen is 15mm long. They usually make their nest in the soil or below paving slabs. The nests can be identified by finely powdered soil around the exit holes. They prefer sweet food, but high protein foods will also be taken.

      Odorous House Ant

      They are brown or black ants and are very small in size with an adult measuring roughly 1.59mm-3.18mm long. Odorous house ants are commonly found in the kitchen and feed on sugary foods such as sweets and fruits such as bananas and melons. They live in a colony that ranges in size from 100- 10,000.


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