Fascinating Facts You Never Knew About Mice And Rats

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      House mice and rats are said to be the most common mammals in Australia. So it’s not surprising that most homeowners report dealing with an infestation of these two pests one time or another. But how well do you know these friendly yet destructive pests?

      Facts About Rats and Mice

      Here are some of the fascinating facts you probably never knew about rats and mice:

      Rats and Mice Pest Control North Brisbane

      Big Appetite

      Don’t be cheated by their tiny bodies; these pests have a big appetite. They can eat between 15 and 20 times a day. That’s why they prefer building their homes near food sources so that they can eat frequently. They’re very choosy when it comes to food, and they like starting with their favourite first. If you don’t check your cereal store regularly, a group of mice/rats can do a lot of damage in a matter of days or weeks.

      They are little Gymnasts

      Flexible Rats Pest Control North BrisbaneIf you can have a chance to watch a group of mice or rats, you will love how playful they are. They love wrestling and playing around when they are together and full. They are good climbers, swimmers and jumpers. Mice can jump a foot high in the air, enabling them to climb up onto the kitchen counter to access food. They can also climb any height very swiftly.

      Can Pass Through Small Openings

      Have you ever wondered how the mice/rats accessed the inside of your house? They can squeeze through small openings such as where the utility pipe enters. If you notice a small opening in your house, seal it off before they make it their entry point.

      They are Super Clean

      Rats love living underground where they dig holes, but you will never find a rat covered in dirt. They are some of the cleanest pests. They groom several times a day. Most humans don’t even shower once a day!

      They Laugh When Tickled

      This is one of the most characteristics that most of us identify with mice/rats. You may have heard them making a chirping sound that’s similar to human laughter. Well, they actually laugh when they tickled. This mostly happens when they are grooming after filling their stomachs with your food.

      Rats Reproducing Pest Control North BrisbaneThey reproduce very fast

      A few mice or rats can turn into hundreds within just a few months. A female rat or mouse can reproduce when they are two months old. A female can give birth to up to a dozen babies every three weeks, and thus you can imagine the number of rats six months down the line. That’s why it’s easy to have a mice/rat plague during bumper harvests in Queensland or the entire country.

      Intelligent and Fast Learners

      Rats and mice are brilliant, smart, intelligent animals. They are fast runners and can definitely solve a problem as quickly as dogs can. For instance, if a mouse or rat is trapped, it can easily find ways to set itself free or group members will even help out. 


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