Smart Tips On How To Get Rid Of Possums

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      Possums are small animals the size of an adult cat. They are non-aggressive animals but can create unhygienic conditions for home owners. These animals feel more comfortable in dark places which include under your house or your attic. They don’t attack or harm humans unless they have rabies. You might not see them moving around your yard or compound during the day, though you will get proof of their presence in the morning from scattered garbage, broken things, litter, and empty feeders for pets. But, you can easily get rid of these pests

      Getting Rid of Australian Possums

      Getting Rid of Possums Pest Control North Brisbane

      Here are smart tips on how to get rid of possums once and for all.


      Trapping is the best and most preferred method for catching these pests because it does not kill or hurt them. Possums are not afraid of traps, making them even easier to catch. You simply set the trap on their pathway or near where they feed. Once it gets caught, it will remain there until released.


      This is another great way of getting rid of possums from your yard. Regardless of whether you’re sure that the animals have already found home in your place, you should consider protecting yourself from the occupation of new ones. Removing them does not guarantee that they won’t find their way back and in particular through the holes in your fence. Check your fence for rotten boards or other faults that allow them to return. Possums are fantastic climbers, but no animal will find its way over an electric fence.

      Fence Against Possums Pest Control North Brisbane

      Removing all the Food Resources

      Yards and lawn attract possums very quickly.  They usually get attracted to houses by the food present there. If you get rid of all sorts of vegetables, fruit and pet food lying around, then the possibility of the possum taking up residency in your property will be less likely. Do not feed possums deliberately. If you do, the animal might relate humans to food and become hostile when not provided with food. Make sure you fix your dustbin and trash cans with side handle to prevent them from feeding on waste.


      There are chemicals that can be used to deter possums from your property. First, you should follow the provided guidelines and instructions before use to be able to apply them correctly. They are commonly made up of powder that can be splashed around the area. These chemicals are a combination of various ingredients, including predator urine, which is commonly used in all repellents to scare off these nasty pests. There are numerous repellent brands on the market, but make sure that you’ve gone for the best for better results.

       Trimming Branches Pest Control North Brisbane

      Trim Branches

      Branches in the yard look amazing and provide shade. Unfortunately, this can also aid possums to sneak to your roof. Trim the branches to a height of 10ft. The branches should also be away from the house to prevent the animals from using them to jump on the roof. Possums are known as perfect climbers and can get to any height in no time.  They may not harm people, but they can cause a mess in the house.


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