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      Household Pest Control Pest Control North BrisbanePest infestation always becomes a burdensome task. Stubborn pests will multiply as they eat masses of your food as you think of ways to drive away these flying and/or creeping insects inside your house using pest control equipment and synthetic sprays.   

      Since prehistoric times, people have exerted their efforts to control household pests such as cockroaches or mites. Several methods and procedures have been tested to put an end to their increasing numbers and has gone so far as developing chemicals that may be detrimental to human health and the environment. We’re all about saving the environment little by little.

      Early Development

      In the 1940s, pesticides were introduced using chlorinated hydrocarbons and organophosphates. As more people at the time were focused on the quick fix scheme to pest infestation, they produced synthetic chemicals instead of natural methods of suppressing the growing number of insects.

      Due to dependence on chemical components within the pesticides, pest populations developed a high tolerance to several of substances. Some pesticides still show to be effective in eliminating pests in a population… However, some have become resistant to pest control over the years.

      Using pesticides in the long run have both beneficial and detrimental effects. They control undesirable pests, but they also can lead to the death of some helpful organisms in an ecosystem. Such issues, along with environmental and cost components, have led to seeking other options to control the increasing population of insects and other pests.

      Apparent Symptoms

      Common Household Pests Pest Control North BrisbaneAnything that buzzes, squeaks, creates unpleasant sounds, consumes your favorite food and has many legs is undesirable. You don’t want any insect like a cockroach, worm, or rodent; freely creeping, running or happily flying around your house.

      Blasting away these critters with a potent solution seems an easy solution to eliminate them. However, such chemicals have a certain level of toxicity to people, especially high to the children. For the reason the usage of pesticides is regulated and pest management technicians must be licensed to perform certain activities.

      Considering pesticides treat pest symptoms and not necessarily the underlying causes, they often don’t function as prevention-based solutions.

      Practical Tips

      As an initial preventive measure against pests, ensure that your house is well-cleaned and kept dry. Most insects and rodents search for food and water sources. Make your dwelling less enticing to pests. Spills should never be left for a long time. Cleanse these with soap and water immediately. Regularly throw your trash inside your house keeping your garbage cans free from any food residue and moisture.

      Your refrigerator is the best storage area for your ripe fruits. Do not leave them in the cabinet or fruit basket. If you have many household chores, prioritize washing the dishes. If you want to set them aside, at least submerge them in soapy water.

      Tightly sealed jars can be used as food and beverage containers, especially for those food items left out of the fridge. Glass jars with rubber seals or tight snap-on lids are recommended over screw-top jars.

      Your floors should be regularly swept or vacuumed for possible food remnants. Bathrooms and kitchens should be kept as dry as possible. Leaky faucets should immediately be fixed by a plumber and not wait for standing water to increase.

      For those who have a pet at home, comb it regularly using a flea comb and always wash its bedding and fabric toys. Routinely vacuum floors, rugs and upholstery, if your pet comes into contact with them.

      Blocking Passageways

      Blocking Entry Points of Pests Pest Control North BrisbaneEntry points of pest invaders should be properly sealed off. You may use silicone caulk to block any cracks or crevices found in baseboards, cupboards, pipes, ducts, sinks, toilets or electrical outlets. You can put screens either in front of heating and cooling vents or repair holes in the existing screens. An average household mouse can get in through a hole with the size of a dime. Put away any vegetation, firewood and other debris far from the house exterior so pests can’t reach these places.

      Depriving pests of food, shelter and access, it’s time to squeeze out any lingering invaders. Aside from using chemical pesticides, try to vacuum individual bugs or their nests. This is one way of suffocating them in the bag. Lay down all possible traps such as fly traps, jar traps, pheromone traps or light traps.

      If the pest problem persists, use low-risk pesticides or natural method techniques. These reduce health risks to the household members. Put boric acid on cracks and crevices. This gradually intoxicates creeping insects like ants, cockroaches and silverfish. This is found less harmful to people and other pets at home. Avoid dusting in common areas that might lead to human exposure.

      To get rid of insects and rodents, use tamper-resistant bait boxes. This is safer and a better choice than having chemical sprays and powders which may spread pesticide residues. Use nonvolatile chemicals, like boric acid, and ensure to have bait stations away from children.

      Other Options

      Applying Pesticides at Home Pest Control North BrisbaneYou may find insecticidal or fatty-acid soaps helpful. These eliminate soft-bodied insects such as caterpillars, flies, fleas and mites. They are harmless to humans and mammals unless carelessly ingested. If you seem lost on what to do on your pest problem, you may opt to seek a professional help. Trained staff in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) uses physical controls and less toxic chemicals to remedy pest concerns.

      As a general rule regarding exposure to pesticides, ensure to reduce possible contact of any household member. Avoid frequent applications. Read instructions carefully before using the pesticides. Never exceed the directed application. Ask knowledgeable store staff member when the instructions seem vague.

      In applying pesticides, precautionary measures must be strictly followed such as wearing gloves, masks or goggles. Dispose your used gloves properly. Wash your hands after each pesticide use. Ensure baits, traps or pesticide residues cannot be easily reached by children and pets. Keep them in a safe place.

      Don’t just throw your leftover pesticides in the garbage, lawn, or down the drain. These may contaminate the soil or potable water. Consult with your public works department about how to properly dispose toxic wastes.

      As a golden rule in every household, keep your house always clean to prevent pests from attacking. If they do, use the natural methods of eliminating them instead of using harmful chemicals. You can find out more about natural pest control methods for specific common household pest here.

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