Smart Tips To Control Pigeons

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      Pigeons are one of the most annoying and destructive pest birds. They make their homes in the roof creating serious problems for households. Their dropping contain acid which can leave the roof in very bad shape. Their nests can lead to blockages of ventilation ducts, drains and sometimes cause fires. If a number of them make homes at your place, trust me, the damage will be devastating. But how do you get rid of them and keep them away?

      How to Get Rid of Pigeons

      How to Get Rid of Pigeons

      Below are some tips which could be of great help.

      Use Bird Spikes

      This type of bird control does not only keep pest birds off but also any unwanted animals from climbing on any surface. Spiking is the use of thin wood, metal or any rigid material with a pointed end. This makes the surface unstable and challenging for birds to land on, forcing them to leave.

      Install a Scarecrow

      Scarecrows to Scare PigeonsThis is one of the oldest, traditional ways to keep such disturbing birds away. Install a decoy predator such as a snake to scare them away. You can either make one yourself or purchase it. The scarecrow should be placed where these birds typically roost. Also, make sure you rotate the scarecrow on a regular basis to avoid birds getting used to it.

      Block off All Entrances

      This is another great trick for dealing with pigeons and other pest birds. By closing the openings, it prevents these birds getting in. You should also consider covering windows and large openings with weighty curtains to make it hard for them to enter. Also, use plasters or sturdy clothes to close the corners where they can build their nest.

      Use Sonic Bird Repellent

      This is the use of sounds usually made by predators. Periodic predator sounds from a recorded source. This sound scares the birds off, and any other dangerous pest. Another form of this method is to play high-frequency sounds that are only audible to the pigeons. This irritates and discourages them from sticking around.

      Install Bird Nets

      Nets work well if you have identified a skylight that seems to be a hangout spot for pigeons before finding their way into the roof. These nets prevent access to the area where they intend to stay. The method might be inappropriate to preventing access to the whole roof but can surely protect your skylight, chimney or roof vent when used together with other methods.

      Pigeon Proofing Home

      Build a Bird Feeder in Your Yard

      This is the perfect way to remove the birds from your roof, and attract them to another location. The trick also ensures that your roof will not be damaged. Presence of food will make them forget what was unique about your roof. Also make sure the feeder is a distance away from the house, curious children, and pets because the birds may pick up the food and fly back to your roof to eat it. Ensure they are not disturbed so that after eating they fly away.


      How to keep birds off your roof

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