Can You Get Rid Of Termites Naturally?

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Termites are without a doubt some of the most destructive pests, especially when it comes to wood structures and furniture. They are some of the few pests that can cause your home damages that would cost you thousands of dollars to fix and in a short period of time. They feed on paper, wood and other plant products. In addition, termite treatment is one of the most complex pest management issues due to their resilience.

Unlike other pests, they infest as a colony and lives underground. That is what makes these pests difficult to control and the reason why most of the DIY home termite treatments are ineffective. In fact, only a trained professional can guarantee successful termite treatment. However, that does not mean that as a homeowner you can do nothing to control the pests. There are ways you can get rid of termites naturally.


Can You Get Rid Of Termites Naturally?

The answer is yes, to a limited extent. However, some of the available DIY home termite treatment may have limited effectiveness since it takes an experienced technician to analyse your home and decide on the best and most effective place to place termite traps. So it may not be the most prudent thing to do because you are likely to try and fail a couple of times as you test for the best treatment. During this time, additional termite damage could be taking place, and that would cost you a lot of money to repair and not to forget that you are using money trying different natural or DIY methods. But there are home remedies that can help reduce the effects of termite infestation.


Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Termites

homemade termite bait Pest Control North BrisbaneIf you are looking for ways how to get rid of termites without chemicals, you can try out a number of home remedies. Fortunately, most of what you need to get rid of termites naturally are readily available in our home. These DIY methods may have limited effects in comparison to calling professional termite pest control in Brisbane to get rid of your termites. We do recommend that you call termite control in order to get rid of these pests easily and permanently. However, here are some ways to get rid of termites naturally.


Homemade Termite Bait

This is one of the most popular DIY termite control methods with homeowners. It offers the best on how to get rid of termites without chemicals. But the trap relies upon the termites’ exchange of secretion and food which are the main activities these insects engage in. The process is known as trophallaxis. Once bit enters the colony, it is spread through trophallaxis, and the possibility that it will find its way to the colony queen is very high. That’s how you get rid of the entire colony. If wondering how to get rid of termites in the wall, this is a good method.

However, home termite bait is slow, and that means the damage could be going while waiting for the trophallaxis to occur. So if you are looking for an immediate impact on the termite colony, the bait system might disappoint you. But you can overcome some of these bait system’s drawbacks by having a seasoned pest control specialist lay the trap.


Borax Solution For Termite

A borax solution for termites is another natural insect control methods widely used by homeowners not only in Australia but worldwide. It is toxic to insects including termites. Borax controls termites by killing them. Once the termite has eaten boric acid particles, it messes up with its digestive system and dries its exoskeleton ultimately killing it. To make borax effective, you will need to add sugar to provide the sweet scent to attract termites.

In addition, for the borax solution for termites to be effective, you must ensure that you have got the ratio correct. Put equal parts for the solution to work. You also need to place the solution near the place where you have noticed termites.



If you are wondering what best termite killer products, probably you don’t any of them. Try the sun, and it will work magic. Sunlight is one of the widely preferred natural methods of getting rid of the termites since these insects are susceptible to sunlight. They will actually die if you expose them to sunlight. You can start by clearing the vegetation around area that you have seen the termites to expose them to heat.

Digging up the areas affected by the termite could also help expose the termites to the sun. Similarly, if termite infestation has affected your furniture, remove the furniture outside to expose it to bright sunlight. Select the hottest day if you want to the best results. In case the sunlight is not available (may during winter), UV lights that replicate sunlight can also work.


Wet Cardboard Trap

wet cardboard termite trap Pest Control North Brisbane

Wet cardboard method is one of the most natural ways of getting rid of termites naturally. It is one of the best non-toxic methods on how to get rid of termites’ home remedy. Cardboard contains cellulose which is fodder for termites, and that is why it easily attracts these insects. The woody smell is what attracts termites.

What you need is to spray the cardboard with a small amount of water to make the woody smell more powerful. Then place the wet cardboard near the place where you suspect a termite colony. The scent will attract the termites, and you will see them start feeding on it. Remove the board from the area and dispose of it by burning. Repeat the process until the population of termites is insignificantly reduced.


Use Nematodes

Parasitic nematodes could be what you need to get rid of stubborn termite colonies. It is a form of a biological method of dealing with these pests. Nematodes are natural predators that feasts on insects including termites. What you need is to identify a termite colony, release the worms and they will chew on them up these pests. The good news is that you can find nematodes at the local pet store near you or online stores. It is a chemical free approach and has no safety issues, so you have nothing to worry about. We recommend a seasoned pest control professional to administer these warms especially if you are doing it for the first time.

Although these termite home remedies can help in termite control, they have limited effects and may cause additional damage to your home if they don’t work and the termites continue to do more damage over time. We recommend that you hire professional pest control experts for a long-term solution.

Contact Pest Control South Side for an effective termite treatment plan and let the experts do the job for you. They are some of the most reputable pest control specialists in Brisbane Southside.

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