Best Natural Ways to Get Rid of Ants

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      Ant infestation is one of the biggest problems in Brisbane. These pesky pests will mess up your home including your food in the kitchen. They also cause stinging bites, damage plants in your garden plants and damage your property. However, getting rid of an ant invasion can be a daunting task. So what would you do if these pests invade your home? Well, don’t rush to buy poison because there are household solutions to this problem.

      There are many ways you can conduct your own natural ant control in Brisbane. In this guide, we have rounded up 10 natural treatment for ants that have been tested and found to work incredibly well.


      Top 10 Best Natural Ways to Get Rid of Ants


      1.     Baking Soda Kills Ants

      ant removal australia ant removal Pest Control Southside

      Baking soda is one of the most popular natural treatment for common insect pests. It is one of the most efficient homemade treatment for killing ants. In addition, making a baking soda bait is very simple, and you don’t need a lot of ingredients. Just mix baking soda with powdered sugar and place the bait where you had seen ants. Powdered sugar produces a scent that attracts ants to come and eat the bait. On the other hand, baking soda works by disrupting ants’ body functions, eventually killing them. It is also an effective way of how to get rid of sugar ants.


      2.     Borax Exterminates Ant Colonies

      If you don’t have baking soda, then you should consider using borax. It is another homemade treatment that can get rid of ants completely. What you need is to mix borax with water and powdered sugar. That mixture makes a perfect past that attracts ants comes to eat because they love sweet food. Borax kills insects by messing with the digestive system and drying their exoskeleton, killing them eventually. But you must ensure that you are getting the correct ratio of borax to sugar. For an effective bait for ants, 1:1 ratio works perfectly for eliminating ants in your house. That is how to get rid of ants with borax.


      3.     Chalk Is An Excellent Ant Repellent

      Chalk may slowly be fading away in classrooms with the coming of digital error learning, but there is more than we can do with it apart from writing on blackboards. Chalk is an excellent ant repellent, and that is why it is popular in the market. By just drawing a chalk line, no ant will cross it. The powdery material from the chalk discontinues pheromone trail which ants used to communicate.  Therefore, by drawing a chalk line, you disrupt the trail hence reducing the number of ants getting into the house. For better results, you can use chalk powder to draw a line around your house or the main points of entry such as cabinets and kitchen door.


      4.     Soap And Water Kills And Repels Ants

      ant removal Pest Control Southside

      If you are experiencing termite infestation, try soap and water. The solution is perfect for both killing and repelling ants from the house. Soap forms a coating on the ant’s body hence suffocating it to death. The smell of the soap also washes away pheromone trail hence breaking the communication between ants. That makes ants directionless, making it easy to get rid of them. The smell also repels these insects away. However, make sure that you have added a liberal amount of liquid dish detergent to make the solution stronger and more effective.


      5.     White Vinegar Will Repels Ants

      White vinegar provides a solution on how to get rid of ants naturally. It is a powerful ant repellent that you can easily get from your nearest store. Vinegar disrupts ants’ movement by destroying the pheromone trails. But you need to mix it with water to reduce its concentration. Immediately after spraying the solution on these insects, they immediately become directionless. Ants also hate the smell of the solution and will start moving away from it. Spray vinegar to all main entries of around your house to keep these pests away.


      6.     Peppermint Oil Repellent

      One thing that ants don’t like is strong smells. One of them is the peppermint smell, and that is why we have listed it as one of the 10 ways to get rid of ants. Like most of the repellents, the spray works by destroying the pheromone marking which is crucial for their communication. The strong smell also pushes these pests away. You can mix mint oil with water to make it more effective. Additionally, the mint smell is nice for the house. So it’s a win-win solution.


      7.     Cinnamon Also Repels Ants

      Cinnamon essential oil provides a way on how to get rid of ants naturally. It is one of the most effective household repellent widely used by households in Australia. The strong smell acts discourage ants from entering the house. So by spraying a solution of this oil and water around your house repels ants away. If you can also spray the solution on the ants to destroy their chemical mark hence making them directionless. That is how to keep ants away from home with cinnamon oils.


      8.     Cayenne Pepper Repels And Kills Ants

      how to remove ants ant removal Pest Control Southside

      If you have cayenne pepper in the house, then you have a solution for ant menace. Cayenne pepper has a very strong smell and taste that repels ants away. What you need to do is to sprinkle cayenne pepper powder in areas where have notice ants or their trail. With that, you will have destroyed their chemical signals. Without this signal, it will be difficult for the ants to survive. In addition, a strong solution of cayenne pepper, turmeric powder, and water can actually kill ants.


      9.     Peanut Butter Kills Ants

      A mixture of peanut butter, honey and borax is another solution for an ant invasion. What you need is to just make a perfect paste from the three and place it near where you have seen ants or near an ant trail. The honey scent will attract worker ants to eat the bait. If the workers’ ants pick this ‘food,’ they will take it back to the colony and possibly to the queen. That’s how to get rid of ants permanently.


      10.    Fresh Garlic

      This little herb is common in our homes, and maybe you knew that it makes a good ant repellent. Just peel a clove or two and place them near where you have seen ants, and you see them bounce off and run away. You can also make a garlic spray which is super effective in keeping ants away from home.

      These are just 10 out of many ways on how to get rid of ants naturally. However, if they don’t seem to work or the ant infestation is causing serious damages, we recommend that seek service services of a pest control specialist Brisbane.

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