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      Our Bee Movie Review

      Written by Jerry Seinfeld and directed by Steve Hickner and Simon J. Smith, Bee Movie follows the life of a bee (Barry B. Benson), a recent college graduate who wants to explore more in life than making honey at Honex. He is not thrilled by the idea of working to death straight out of college. He jumps at the opportunity to venture out of the hive and soon comes face to face with the world that is beyond his wildest expectations. Barry inadvertently meets Vanessa (Renee Zellweger) a quirky florist, and he breaks out of the cardinal rules set for the beedom where they are not to communicate with humans. He talks to Vanessa who doesn’t consider him to be a pest, and a friendship quickly develops. Barry learns about the human race in detail when he stumbles upon a shocking discovery that anyone can buy honey at the store.

      Barry is voiced by Jerry Seinfeld and his best Friend Adam voiced by Mathew Broderick finds this to be unfair and he realizes that his true calling is to bring a halt to the injustice by suing the human race for stealing precious honey made by bees. They even visit a bee farm where it seems like bees there are going through the worst form of forced labor. They launch a class action suit against the producers of honey demanding a proper share of profits and freedom. At the time, he said that humans would not be able to say “Honey I’m home” without paying royalties. The judge in the case is voiced by Oprah Winfrey. He is naive but Barry’s case is successful, however the win has dire consequences. Bees get too much freedom and they loathe it. Then the eco-system crashes because the bees are not pollinating the flowers.

      bee movie poster Pest Control North BrisbaneViewers at the beginning of Bee Movie learn that bees cannot theoretically fly. In the film, however, it only applies to a screenplay. Adam and Barry come off as articulate and earnest boys who pursue logic in a bizarre world. The majority of humor in the film is verbal, and it leans more towards irony rather than being hilarious. Mooseblood, a bee voiced by Chris Rock scores the best when it comes to humor with his biggest laughs coming from a recycled lawyer joke.

      Bee Movie is PG rated which means that the entire family can enjoy watching the animation. The beautiful animations work a charm on kids with slapstick action and cute creatures. Adults also love the soft pop culture satire. The movie also displays several cartoon set pieces, a thrilling tour of New York from the bee’s eye, and comedy. Parent need to know that this was one of the most aggressively marketed animations on the big screen. Seinfeld did not miss any promotional opportunities and the reason it may have been one of the most anticipated animations in 2007 was because many children had seen the commercials for it. The good news is that even preschoolers can watch the movie. Although it has a few tense moments that are not child-friendly, there are no monsters or villains in the film or pop culture references that may frighten or confuse children. 3 stars out of 5.

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